Our Story 

There is so much to do when starting a business. You probably have started your business to do what you love - your passion, your trade, your gift - but you quickly realized that the clients didn't come flooding through the door like you'd hoped, to allow you to do what you love.


So you decided you need to market your business...


Maybe your story went something like this: A friend suggested posting more on Facebook. Then someone else said Instagram is where all the millennials are, so that is where you should really be marketing. And then you realized that your website totally stinks, so you don't really want to market it at all! 

This is where we come in! 

Let's work together to create a beautiful and effective website that enables you to confidently reach the clients you need to help you do what you love.


And if you don't feel comfortable marketing your business on social media, we can talk about that, too. 

And if you want to eventually learn how to do these tasks (and not pay us forever to do them for you), we can teach you how to go solo. 

We believe that you should be proud of your business, focus on doing what you love, and be empowered to learn new skills when you can.

Hi, I'm Katelyn!

I'm a peanut-butter & chocolate lover, task-doer, and wanna-be-baker who should really stick to cleaning instead. But first, I am a Christ-follower and football wife who roots loudly and unashamedly. And if you're into the enneagram, I'm pretty sure I'm a six. 

I'm a combination of self-taught, school-taught, and life-taught when it comes to marketing and small business. After graduating from Ball State in Marketing, I took on a role as a business consultant and marketing director for a Small Business Development Center. I had the joy of working with hundreds of small businesses to help them grow their business through better marketing, and I am excited to do the same for you! 

Ready to work together? 

We're ready whenever you are. Contact us today to get started.

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